I Care About You


Having been a student myself I know how difficult it can be to manage your finances, so I developed the moola rewards as the first release of an app that will help make your money go further.


My name is Tom Atkinson and I graduated from MMU in 2017 with the aim of helping students to manage their money better. Moola Rewards is the first phase of this process.


My mission is help students throughout the UK focus on their studies and having fun without the need to worry about money. That’s the big goal. The moola rewards app is phase 1, their will be more.


Moola Rewards will level the playing field so that small independent retailers can advertise to students on the same terms as the biggest brands. A good deal is a good deal whoever it’s offered by. Moola Rewards offers advertising at a fair price encouraging  retailers to give more to students.

For Students
For our student users, we provide the student mobile app. This gives students access to discounts near to them and active now. See our demo video.
For Retailers
We provide cost effective self service direct advertising to students at a low low monthly cost with no contract