Discover Deals In Matlock

Discover Deals In Matlock with Moola

 July 10, 2019


Some of you may have heard of the moola app and may have known that originally it was designed as a student discount app. But now it’s changed to a discovery app and it’s available to everyone. We’re launching it in Matlock and the Derbyshire Dales to help you find the best deals in town.



Over the past couple of years, we’ve learnt a lot on our moola journey and one of the biggest lessons is to start small and work from there. Since we live in Matlock it makes much more sense to launch the app here. We now feel that if moola works in Matlock it will work anywhere. Did you know 20,000 people live here? No – neither did we. A further 800 live in Matlock Bath, 1,500 in Cromford and 5,000 in Wirksworth. Don’t even get me started on Belper – 20,000 in case your wondering and 14,000 in Bakewell.



In many ways, we’ve overlooked what we have on our doorstep but there’s a chain of events that explains this. Firstly – the original idea was to help student bank smarter as we saw students as the perfect use-case for a payments product we developed. We conducted some research and founds that students are really bad at managing their money to the extent that 7.4% have to drop out. This convinced us to focus on helping students. Then we had a bit of a think and tried to imagine telling an 18-year-old who’s excited about going to Uni that they should manage their money carefully. Yes, they should, but it’s a hard sell.



So we decided the easier route was to offer discounts to students. Basically, if you want to help students save money, the first thing you can do is give them discounts. The next thing is gifts, and the next thing is budgeting advice.



But we’ve changed all of that now and opened it up to everybody based on what we found by talking to local business in the Matlock area. What we’ve found has been nothing short of amazing. Moola will shine a bright light on some of the areas best-kept secrets giving locals and tourists a plethora of things to do.



The more we look, the more we find. For example – did you know that Tuesday is pancake day at F’Coffee? That’s any stack of pancakes for £11.50. Sounds brilliant, and looks brilliant. Stack means stack. Take a look here.



So now – knowing what we know from our local investigations, local establishments are offering all kinds of goodies that we could never really know about without an app like moola.



Why not download the app today and discover something brilliant that you just didn’t know was there right under your nose.



If you want to add your local business to the app it’s only £9.99 + VAT per month to advertise as many offers as the public can handle.



If you find something brilliant – share it with us in a comment below.


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