Does Your Bar Need a Website?

 June 24, 2019

Over the past week, we’ve been making plans to launch the moola rewards app in Matlock which is a slight departure from our original intentions of launching in a major city such as Manchester.

There are a couple of good reasons for this – 1) we live in Matlock so it’s very accessible and 2) we have the opportunity to see concrete installations as opposed to a broad brush conceptual approach.

The concrete approach is important to us and it’s something that we know owners of fellow startup companies will identify with, as it’s easier to think about the needs of a business you know, rather than to postulate on the requirements of a business you don’t. Too many unknowns in that equation.

Shifting our thoughts to bars and restaurants we know and have visited gives us the opportunity to re-evaluate the technology we’ve created in moola. This has helped us to see that moola is more than just a discount app. It’s an app that may make bricks and mortar high street shop owners question the viability of their website.

In a nutshell – is a website as viable as it would first appear to the average high street retailer in Matlock? Take Monk Bar, for example, It’s a very successful cocktail bar which gets very busy over the weekend. They offer 2 for 1 cocktail at a time that I can’t be certain of, and therein lies the problem. How likely is it that I will check their website to see what time 2 for 1 cocktail starts and ends? I would say extremely unlikely. You see, when I go out I want to know what’s on now. I don’t want to research and evaluate every website for every retailer on the High Street.

A typical discount app offers a deal that the retailer can’t logically sustain and that is tied into a set of terms and conditions that may make you wonder if the deal is as good as your first thought. That’s not moola’s market. We’re not trying to mess retailers up, we’re offering genuine help to increase business through active advertising. Many high street retailers offer discounts and deals throughout the week as a matter of course, without the need to resort to a fire-sale. The problem is that you don’t know about them, and they have no means to tell you…until now.

Moola rewards is a discovery app in that it tells you what’s on near you now. It tells you what you need to know when you’re in a position to do something about it. There’s no need to plan or print vouchers. Users download the app free of charge and start viewing deals near them now.

For retailers who want to be part of this active advertising revolution, signup for an account here and start advertising now for just £9.99 + VAT per month per location. You can create as many offers as you like. So – if you’re the Matlock Bath Balti who offers different deals on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, you can create a deal for each. Or if you’re Cafe in the Park, you can offer deals for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea.

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