Low-Cost Student Engagement For Independent Retailers

 January 2, 2019

The moola rewards student discount app has been launched to offer independent retailers the opportunity to engage with students directly, by offering them discounts to help drum up business to cover slack periods.

Moola provides retailers with an online account where they can create and manage their student deals through an easy to use self-service interface. They can create as many vouchers as they like for £9.99 + VAT per location per month.

Vouchers can be created for different times of the day and days of the week and can be themed to engage with specific seasonal and topical events.

With a community of approximately 2.4 million full-time students throughout the UK it make sense for bars, fast food outlets, restaurants etc to make the effort to offer them great deals.

For £9.99 + VAT retailers engage directly with students through a mobile app. The app is free to download and verifies the students credentials through a short registration process.

Once registered, students see deals that are nearby and available now. As they walk down the street the list of deals changes presenting the nearest first. This exciting feature enables students to discover outlets that may be off the beaten path and normally hidden from view.

For retailers that are in plane view the app enables students to see the deals that, for example, a restaurant has to offer without having to enter the premises.

The fact that deals presented are all active overcomes the embarrassment of being told that the offer isn’t on today or finished five minutes ago.

Alternative advertising opportunities can’t compete on directness or price with this brand new cost-effective advertising channel. With moola rewards, retailers have the opportunity to engage in real-time messaging offering deals that are relevant and specific. When better to advertise breakfast than at breakfast time to an audience who are nearby and hungry now?

How better to capitalise on an opportunity occurring in the media or relating to a situation such as ordering too much of a product or wanting to clear stock? With moola the retailer can create a voucher and publish instantly.

We at moola have created an advertising channel that will re-invigorate the high street helping retailers to promote their products and services while being generous to students creating a win win situation. Start winning here.

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