Is moola snapchat for hospitality?

Is Moola Snapchat For Hospitality ?

 July 2, 2019

The best marketing campaign of all is the one you don’t pay for because your product is so fab people spread the word about its greatness and it goes like the clappers. Before you know it, everybody knows about it.

To go viral each person who comes into contact with it needs to tell between 10 and 25 other people according to ‘What makes a product go viral’.

The article goes on to say that there are 5 aspects to a viral product 1) easy to learn 2) evoke emotion 3) easy to share 4) easy to access and 5) distinctive.

So on the face of it, our discovery app – moola has the necessary ingredients to go viral as:

1) It’s easy to learn for both users and advertisers. Users download the app free and it tells them where to eat and drink now. For bars and restaurants, the easy self-service interface lets them setup deals for different times of the day and days of the week.

2) Evoke emotion: At £9.99 per location per month to advertise, retailers will jump for joy and their clientele will be over the moon when they see their specials. Winner winner chicken dinner.

3) Easy to share through social media and word of mouth. What could be easier? Tell your friends now.

4) Easy to access – all you need is the internet and phone.

5) Distinctive – it looks magnificent.

But is this enough to go viral? Is it possible that a product like moola could go viral in the same way as snapchat? Or are there too many moving parts in that moola has that chicken and egg situation where it needs retailers to advertise to an audience who have downloaded the app.

Snapchat’s a bit simpler in that the person who told you about it is probably going to be the person that you talk to, and so you build your own audience. There’s no dependency on a third party. On the other hand – moola requires retailers to advertise and customers to download the app.

So does that prevent moola from going viral? Not necessarily.

While we have two different parties in our equation where Snapchat has one, we can adapt to advance the viral phenomenon and viral possibilities.

To do this we need to enhance the moola app in both its iOS and Android forms to provide functionality that applies to both customers and retailers. Basically – treat everyone the same. If we include functionality that allows a retailer to advertise through the same app, they’ll also be able to use it as a customer too.

There’s far more to creating a viral product than wishful thinking, we realise. However – we can do as much as we can to remove friction where possible.

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