Wonder Boy Helps Save the High Street

Tom Atkinson didn’t dive in and get a job the moment he graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University. Instead, he devised a cunning plan to help students everywhere with a nifty app that offers everyday discounts to students.

Fixed Price Advertising – Simple As a Postcard

Advertising your products and services isn’t always as simple as it could be. We discuss the old days of writing a postcard and sticking it in the window of a corner shop and how that relates to the equally simple advertising in moola rewards.

Fishook Events App – Valentine Surprise

This is the story of Paddy & Mary who approached us to develop their events app called Fishook. Fishook is so similar to our moola rewards student discount app that we sold them a white-labeled version of moola which should be released on Valentine’s day.

Keeping The Bar Busy With Moola

There you are presiding over your empty bar that looks like the local morgue when you could make everyday fun filled with that Friday night vibe. Your moments away from engaging with a massive student audience. Register here for free now.

Retailers Student Calendar 2019

Moola Rewards has released its 2019 guide to the student essentials calendar with the most noteworthy dates for the savvy independent retailer.
The guide details events from national pie day through to the Brit awards and creates an opportunity to engage directly with students through highly targeted cost-effective advertising…….

Students are saving the high street

Small independent retailers are drumming up new business by engaging directly with students in a way that has never been possible before.
Retailers need cost-effective advertising to reach out to their customers with no expensive inflexible contracts and nothing to restrict or prevent them from working with other parties and acting in the best interest of their business….

GeoMarketing – Reach the Right Consumer Now

Location-based technology is opening up a world of opportunities for independent retailers including shops, bars, and restaurants on the high street. Geomarketing makes it possible for consumers to see your products and services at the point they want to buy them.