Retailers Student Calendar 2019

 January 3, 2019

Moola Rewards has released its 2019 guide to the student essentials calendar with the most noteworthy dates for the savvy independent retailer.

The guide details events from national pie day through to the Brit awards and creates an opportunity to engage directly with students through highly targeted cost-effective advertising.

Retailers are encouraged to use the calendar to plan vouchers and events targeted at students in their vicinity. By making every day a special day and creating student specific offers, bars, restaurants, fast food shops, gyms, cinemas and theatres to name but a few can increase student engagement and win new business.

With a population of over 2.4 million full-time students managing a budget in the region of £16 billion, this is a market that should be taken seriously and that is seriously worth the effort.

This is a reciprocal giving arrangement based around the I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine scenario. Students have limited funds and loads of time on their hands. Retailers can use this as an opportunity to generate business by offering discounts to this needy group who will be grateful for their kindness.

For £9.99 + VAT per month, retailers can create unlimited numbers of vouchers to capitalise on events that last a day such as national pie day, or events that last for a couple of hours such as the Brit Awards ceremony or the Oscars.

Advertising is instant. The moment the retailer is satisfied that the voucher is ready for student consumption, they publish it making it immediately available to students. Students in the vicinity will see the offer in the moola rewards mobile app.

Retailers are literally able to break down the walls between them and the student community who will enjoy the special care and thought that the retailer has provided for them.

Of course, as a retailer, you may already have your own packed calendar of student targeted events such as fried chicken Tuesday or cold custard Thursday which you want to promote through moola because sharing is caring and moola is cooler.

Without further ado – here are some dates to whet your appetite:

19th Jan National Popcorn Day

Jan 23rd – National Pie Day

Feb 9th National Pizza Day

March 4th British Pie Week

March 5th Shrove Tuesday / Pancake Day

May 11th  Eat What you want day

For a full calendar of events register online for a free account and we’ll send you a full guide to the years most student targeted events the moment you publish your first voucher.

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