Your Startup Company Is A Joke

Your Startup Company Is A Joke

 July 1, 2019

Running a startup business and developing a marketing strategy is similar to starting a career as a standup comedian, I suppose. Picture this if you will. You’ve got a burning desire to become a standup comedian because people say that you’re funny. This is similar to starting a new company. Something has sparked an idea that you think will make a great business.

Extending the comedy analogy further, you discuss your desire to be a standup comedian with friends and family and they all think it’s a storming idea…because you are very funny. After all, you make your friends laugh at work and they think you’re hilarious with your witty one-liners and clever put-downs. You are quite the raconteur.

With hours of experience disrupting meetings at work and having your workmates in stitches you have a proven track record in mirth. You’re a black belt. So now you decide to raise funding so that you can book the O2 for a run of four or five nights, along with a support act. That should make it a real night out.

At this stage, you’re still quite new to the business, but people can see that you have potential and so you manage to secure funding from an angel investor. Everything is progressing well with interviews booked for day time TV and you’ve arranged to have one of the evenings recorded to provide another revenue stream. Reality TV stints will surely follow.

You hire an agent and a publicist to keep the momentum going on your burgeoning career. They encourage you to do some crowdfunding for a tour bus so that you can take the show on the road and go national.

At this point, you haven’t written a single joke. All your wit has come from situations and in-jokes with colleagues. But here you are with a run of dates at the O2 and a national tour to follow.

You’ve been advised to take the actions you have by a team of experts who’ve had similar success in the past. You’ve invested some of your own cash to get the show on the road, but actually, there is no show. You have no original material.

You’ve progressed the business side of being a comedian brilliantly, covering off all the bases to maximise returns. All your lacking is a bloody good joke or two to get them rolling in the aisles.

Therein lies the problem. You’ve paid everybody who’s advised you for their expertise, and they’ve delivered. But nobody said, go on then…tell us a joke. You don’t have one.

The great thing about jokes is that they’re easy to make up, if you’re funny, and they spread like wildfire if they’re good. Like a virus. You don’t need a marketing campaign. People will re-tell them for you.

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