Students are saving the high street

 January 2, 2019

Small independent retailers are drumming up new business by engaging directly with students in a way that has never been possible before.

Retailers need cost-effective advertising to reach out to their customers with no expensive inflexible contracts and nothing to restrict or prevent them from working with other parties and acting in the best interest of their business.

They need to engage with students and provide them with genuine discounts, without giving the best part of the deal to a third party for the introduction. There has to be a better way…and now there is.

A new student discount channel has been launched called moola rewards which provides genuine cost-effective advertising for retailers big and small.

Retailers register for an online account where they can create and publish vouchers for different times of the day, and days of the week. It’s self-service and instant. The moment they publish the voucher, students will see it in their free moola rewards app.

For a monthly fee of £9.99 + VAT, retailers can engage with students immediately by presenting them with unlimited deals. They can be as creative as they like, linking deals to topical and seasonal events to seize market opportunities.

The app presents students with deals that are active and available now. There’s no need to plan ahead, print or note down codes. Simply show your moola app at the counter.

Deals appear in location order showing students offers that are physically closest. As the student moves from street to street the list changes with the nearest appearing at the top.

Start engaging with students now by registering an account and trying the facilities free of charge. Create as many vouchers and locations as you like. You won’t pay a penny until you publish.

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